Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Warm-up is Part of the Workout!

We don't have to do every drill in every workout, and we don't things like squats, lunges, and the more aggressive plyometric exercises as part of a race warm-up.  If we really take time to focus on these exercises and drills, a good warm-up will take us 30-40 minutes.  Don't bother if the kids are going to slop through them half hearted.  They need to be coached.  There are links to good examples under "videos".

10 minutes easy running
Ankle Cirlces
1 leg squats
Leg swings
short quick hops
Lunges (Forward and Backwards)
1 leg hops
Hurdle Mobility Drills
Double Leg Hops (Forward, Backwards and Sideways)
Backward butt kicker skips
Partner Marches
March to A and B Skips
High Knee Running/Butt Kickers/Ankles over Knees/Bicycles
Quick Feet (Hot Coals)
Skip for Height
Goose Steps
Full Motion Backwards Running and shoot foot out.
Hill Drills
Stair Drills
Calf Curls/Single Leg Bounds/Bunny hops (Caution!)
Fast Feet
Magic #
Sailors (keep toes pointed inward)
Forward Jumping Jacks
Cariocas (quick and driving off back leg)

Cool Down
5-10 minutes easy running
Box Drops (Caution!)
Crazy Feet (Between Drills and Strides)
Hamstring Walk
Side Shuffles
Strides (Hot Coals, Shallow Water, Heel to Butt, magic #, etc.)
Foot Drills  Read